My personal fears


I have always felt I have potential to achieve great things in life, but that monster inside of me has always kept discouraging me. I tried to do some introspection to really find the answer to my inability to initiate something and let it grow into the dreams I usually relish within my inner self.

It has taken so many years for me to draw a conclusion, meanwhile during the many years of inner wars, I have tried
this and that and everything has died out despite having all the possible signs of succeeding.

What do I do wrong? Yes what do I do wrong that I end up killing those beautiful ideas, I see myself in a
distant future as an accomplished CEO, the only hindrance there is, is me.

The scenario.

I once came up with an idea of making charcoal from old used newspapers. By the way I am one person who reads a lot I read anything I come across, this habit dates back to the time I was a little girl, I used to enjoy the
errands of going to the market for the simple reason of having access to that newspaper cutting used as a wrapper for the bought merchandise. I grew up and the love for reading has never left me. As a result of this habit, of course as a grown up person, I ended up with a collection of newspapers piled up in sacks.

I had read and kept the papers, I never wanted to throw them away and felt they could still be useful. How? Your guess is as good as mine, maybe I could take them to the market for trader in need of wrapping papers as smaller amount would be ideal, I thought to my self, there were enough supplies I can boast. What then? I throw them away? No ways, I told and convinced myself that there could be some other possible way to re-use these old

The Brilliant Idea

Then a rather weird idea of making charcoal out of the old newspaper hit my mind. I was so excited about this breakthrough; I didn’t care how the process would be either simple or complicated, the most important thing was that I had finally found the use for my old newspapers. I am a genius am I not……

Some research I did on the possibilities of making charcoal out of newspapers were positive, and there I was, it was possible and there were different ways of doing it. It was discovered that there were other materials apart from newspapers that could be used to make charcoal without cutting down tree as it were and common among many

The discovery was so enriching as it opened my single file focus on newspapers, I learnt that the following items were options for charcoal making. Rice husks, wood shavings, saw dust, maize husks, ordinary leaves, grass and the charcoal dust.

I set out to try to put into practice my new discovery, i did a demo on the newspapers and I got some really amazing results. This was done with my bare hands and I know there was a better way of doing it especially if it had to be done on a large scale. In no time I discovered there were actually simple to complex machinery that could be used in making charcoal pellets from the above named seemingly waste materials.

The moment the issue of sourcing for a machine crept in, the excitement dwindled and as usual the fantasy that was birthed with great excitement just went mute and the next stop was a trash bin, the bin that contained many ideas that were lacking action by the idea initiator and that is myself to be precise. What do you think caused the once so brilliant idea seem impossible? Refer to the topic of this write up.

It is what I have described in the above practical example that hinders most of us from achieving that which was once an exciting idea. We give up so easily and let our inner fears take the best of us. We focus mostly on the “what if it fails” without giving chance to “what if it succeeds” kind of thoughts.

I call this negative thought a DREAM KILLER. Apart from the dream killer, we also have a tendency of worrying about other people’s reaction to our innovations. We consult people that have no ambitions of their own, what advice can one get from such individuals if not the usual negative vibe.

Why the inaction is wrong

The above incident happened somewhere in a small town I was residing in the year 2013, I know some of you that
are reading this may try to defend me by saying that maybe I didn’t have the money needed to get that particular machinery from China, yes you maybe right, but is that reason enough to let go of such a brilliant idea
completely? The answer is a big NO.

Charcoal making really was making all the economic sense and I was seeing my branded charcoal pellets products on the market, on the shelves of leading supermarkets, local stalls, kiosks and ordinary market place. This in turn was going to create employment to some local youths, whilst doing away with the ordinary way of producing ordinary charcoal by cutting trees that leads to depleted forests.


My target is that person that is fond of putting off ideas to stop it now and make a move. It might not be a clear idea, I can assure you that the future will take care of the polishing but getting started is crucial. I also will not promise you that it would be rosy, it gets bumpy but it is always worthwhile. This one is a real life experience I thought of sharing it with anyone that may still be procrastinating on what they want to do. The world’s population is so huge that any niche has its own audience.

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