Countering Deforestation


Deforestation is a pertinent issue that has great negative impact on the natural environment of the world. Many lands have been wiped clear of their natural vegetation. From the simple science that we learned in primary school, good vegetation plays a cardinal role in the availability of good rains.

It is therefore, imperative for communities to understand that there is need to end or slow down the rate at which these forests are being wiped out.

It is worth noting that most of the poor rural dwellers’ survival revolves round the forests. They use firewood as an affordable energy source, they clear land for cultivation, this in itself is not bad except they need to be educated on how best to carry out these activities.

Importance of gaining knowledge on deforestation

They say knowledge is power, and the essence for this article is to let readers understand the role forests play in the natural environment.

People ought to understand that forests exist for the sole purpose of supporting human, animal and marine life for continued existence.

However human activities have continued to destroy these natural habitats for animals and marine life. There are so many reported human animal conflicts as modern day developments are taking up space meant for animals by bringing down forests.

It is my belief that when adequate information in made available to people, the forests shall be preserved by way of integrating development while maintaining the forests.

Time for the information to reach the audience

Everyone should be participating in ensuring as many people are aware of the happening in their environment. Developers and farmers especially, must be in the forefront in sensitizing masses on the importance of looking after the forests. Environmentalists should have an upper hand in packaging right information as they are experts in these matters. The time to act is now, let us all play a part in preserving the forests in order to secure a future for generations to come after we are all long gone.

It might look as though it is too late to act, the answer is no, we can not let past mistakes hamper any effort to act good today. We only need to learn from these mistakes and come up with solutions that provides a win-win situation. It is an undeniable fact that technology is advancing every day, which has made is possible for any imaginable activity to be undertaken, hence natural lands have been the target.

Some better methods to counter deforestation

  • Producing charcoal briquettes to use in household cooking and heating. This simple technology does not necessarily use grown trees, but instead there are various types of vegetation used such as; husks,
    leaves, grass, left over vegetables, wood shavings and others. This entails that many trees will be saved from being cut down resulting in preserved forests for the benefit of future generations.
  • Using organic manure in crop cultivation as this is good for the soil as compared to chemical fertilizers that destroy soils in the long run. Furthermore, organically produced food is good for the human consumption
    that lessens diseases that may crop up due to long term accumulation of chemical residues.
  • Total avoidance of bush burning, this also contributes to soil erosion and the eventual gully formations and poor vegetation growth as most fertile top soil would have been washed away, instead the dried up leaves could apply for charcoal briquettes making like indicated in the first bullet above.
  • Embracing conservation kind of farming that makes use of the scarce resources which promotes high yields. The system uses less chemical fertilizers, crops can survive longer periods of dry spells in an event that there is
    not enough rain fall.
  • Tree replanting should also be taught to people so as impart the knowledge of continuous planting trees and
    preserving forests. Infertile fields can be used as space for replanting activities.
  • Deliberate programs should be promoted in order to create a resource base that can be accessed by anyone at all times. The resource center would provide well researched information that show proven evidence that indeed forests have been destroyed over time and are still being destroyed if nothing tangible is done to stop the vice. This is possible also by driving the point that there is still hope and  a way to remedy this state of affairs is within reach.

What are the benefits of reforestation

  • Forests support human, animal and marine life. The cycle then enhances the co existence of various humans and creatures of the wild. Needless to say every creatures plays an important role the Eco system hence the reason as to why we should all take an active role in ensuring that a balance is reached.
  • Development will be shared among the dwellers of these places that would be earmarked for reforestation by provision of jobs which in turn will have a multiplier effect.
  • Local soils and rainfall partens would be improved and in turn families will be able to cultivate their land with increased yields to support their families selling surplus to urban folks for that extra income needed to meet other financial obligations.
  • Local authorities will widen their revenue base as a result of increased reforestation activities through levies and in turn local social amenities will be improved.


Reforestation is not a program for selected individuals, it calls for concerted efforts from all spheres of society since its adverse effects cuts across all persons. It is better to start investing in this program now rather than later if the goal of reforestation is to be achieved.

We owe the future generations a service to leave them an environment in which both economic activities and conservation shall continue to thrive. Like stated above this must be a win-win situation if all decide to take part in any form whether directly or indirectly.

One of the easiest way to contribute positively in this process, is never to cut trees indiscriminately in the name of development.

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