7 Things I learned from my former boss

He never told me that I was good

When I started out in my career just after I acquired my college certificate, I was super excited and motivated to succeed. But my new boss signaled that I needed to slow down and focus on the job that was right in front of me. It dawned on me that I was in a wrong place, while it is important to keep your head down and work hard, it is also important to dream big and keep your future aspirations live at all times. I convinced myself that I would not let my boss put me in some kind of a box.

The zeal to want to succeed helped me to keep that motivation and stay inspired. I knew I was good nut his management style was never to show it to me although I knew that he appreciated having me around. This is what kept me motivated as I put in my best at all times. He never entertained excuses for failure to perform, which meant that I had to figure out the best way to deliver of course whilst maintaining high professionalism.   .

I was young and timid

When I joined this particular company, I was in my early twenties and knew literally nothing about this industry. Most of the employees I found were senior in age to me and they were also more experienced than I was.

Little did I know that my then boss had in one of the staff meetings, challenged his staff that he would get a new staff that knew nothing about that particular industry, according to him, this was meant to improve efficiency and counter what he termed as moonlighting at the place of work. True to his word, I was that employee, I was a bet though I didn’t know for a long time, and it didn’t matter whatsoever. My boss knew everything about the company and was really good at his game though he was very elusive in his management style. He would make me feel worthless at times but still maintained that I was in charge of my tasks.

Being a novice that I was, helped me to acclimatize quickly and in no time I was on top things, thanks to the indirect support he provided me with. In short, I was made manager at an early age.

Network always

I cannot claim to have had both the skills and knowledge to run this organization, but I relied much on the people I found and they proved to be a great recourse. I played simple just by seeking their input in any situation that would arise, I would also seek their approval before a final decision would be reached. It is cardinal to know that when you are working, it’s important to get to know your co-workers, as well as meet other peers outside of your company. I started observing the type of people he was associating with and I discovered that most of them where successful business executives. Networking opens up many opportunities and I got myself a mentor and made connections as much as possible. Because of him, I learned how important it was to network.

You can never be too prepared

I have always been a to-do list maker, but my boss taught me how important it was to be prepared for every part of my job. I just needed to be ready for at all times. From meetings to reports and everything in between, I learned what it meant to be ever prepared and how it could really help you stand out among the crowd. From then on, I made sure to go above and beyond with everything I did at work, and I think it helped me grow and succeed in my career. My boss never entertained excuses from any of his employee and this virtual inculcated a sense of responsibility in me for I had to learn to take blame even when I was not at fault.

Follow your heart

During my tenure at this company, I developed a thick skin all thanks to my boss who was as mean as most of the bosses around. He made it a point to manipulate worker’s enumerations over any slight error, if an employee took ill and stayed away from work, they would never get their salary in full. This meant that each day counted and the payroll was only prepared on the second day of the preceding month. I kept a staff register with markings for the whole month and it was on this basis that a payroll was prepared. Now, I have always been on the innovative side of things, so working for someone who had a more technical eye was a great experience. It was a great job and team, and I learned a lot, but it wasn’t the right fit for me. Ultimately, I started preparing to move out and follow my heart by joining another company that was more into my passion. My heart wasn’t in my current job at the time, but it was in this new company. I gave my one day notice, and my boss really didn’t expect me to leave as I was a very dedicated and loyal employee. Though our parting was rather bumpy, I realised my boss appreciated my contribution to the company. He made me realize how important it really is to what is expected of you.

Don’t be afraid to give your boss feedback

When you are working under your boss, their primary role is to manage subordinates, and help you learn and grow. However, it is also important to make suggestions to your boss. My boss would deliberately suggest things that never made sense just to test if I would not question his decisions, luckily for me, I had come to understand his way of doing things, so this scenario was easy for me to handle. I would without fear propose a better way of doing things and he would gladly accept and signal a go ahead. That feeling of getting approval from your boss is awesome if not a greater motivator. Don’t be afraid to give your boss feedback. A good manager will take it and apply it, it would also help in building your self-confidence as an employee.

Try to be creative by trying out things you have never done before

He is geared to study something new everyday

I worked in a service provision industry that was highly competitive as there were many similar businesses entering the market. My boss had a knack for quality and class, this made our company stand out from the rest. He never entertained complacency as a result I was made to make use of my creativity in order to improve on the content, services had to be delivered in uniquely and cost effective way while maintain high quality. Only a little creativity was needed to achieve this.  My manager had a lot of great experience and I was looking forward to learning a lot of him. However, so much of what I was doing was stuff I had never done before. I was nervous and out of my comfort zone. He reminded me constantly that it was okay to try out new things and that it was important to continue trying my best.

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