How to improve yourself

How to improve yourself

The trending terms of late are Self-improvement and personal growth.

Entrepreneurs in the name of life coaches and motivational speakers have taken advantage of this by coming up with all sorts trainings and programs that they intend to sale

This often than not is highly tempting as we have the urge to improve ourselves and become better.

At the end of it all, a better version of yourself can mean more happiness, stronger relationships, and a healthier life both at home at places of work and even more, success in business.

However, becoming better and growing into a better version of yourself is actually not easy nor is it hard.

They say little things matter the most, there are many tiny things that you can change and impact every day which will lead to your personal growth continuously. This is not a once off activity but rather a habit that should be practiced every day.

Here are some ways to work on yourself every day:

Chose companionship with positive people

Generally, people have a negative attitude and mind-set. Just look at the faces of the people on the bus or in a conference hall, you will realize that most of them are deep in thoughts, some are looking unhappy or showing some sort of worry, annoyed and not spreading positive attitude at all.

In general, most times people tend to talk much more about the negatives than the positives that life has to offer.

Worse still is when try to turn on your TV to watch news, you will be informed of all the bad things that are happening. This brings in more fear and the future really looks bleak.

Surrounding yourself with positive people is one of the most powerful actions you can ever take. They will impact your mind-set to seeing positive within your surrounds.

If you want to become a better version of yourself, negativity must be reduced to a minimum or completely done away with and you need to focus on positivity.

You cannot achieve great things by being negative.

The people around you play a significant role in your own mind-set and can highly affect you.

Once you have chosen to mingle with like-minded people, keeping a positive attitude will be achieved with much ease and you will empower each other through continuously complimenting one another.

However, it is important to note that you do not necessarily need to completely cut ties with old friends because they are negative but you should control the amount of time you spend with them. They may be negative but still remain good people for keeps.

Your time, thoughts and your energy are your most precious resources so be aware of how you use them.

Adjust your comfort zone

Every day there are hundreds of opportunities to get out of your comfort zone and grow your self-confidence.

You have the ability to grow as a person and this is connected to your willingness to take risks and to the amount of action you are willing to take.

Once you step out of your comfort zone once every day, you will discover that your confidence will be growing.

Talking about our comfort zones often times sounds terrifying and as if we have been tasked to tackle the whole lot of the world’s problems.

However, crushing your comfort zone can actually mean something as small as complimenting a stranger, forgiving a relative or a pal and many other tiny gestures.

No matter how small the action is, the often you make these tiny steps happen, the more your comfort zone will grow.

Set motivating goals

Everyone has some dreams they wish to achieve and eventually grow, you need to have big goals to look up to. It always exciting to measure the pace you are moving at only if you set goals and you look up to them.

You got to envision all the things that you want to achieve, explore and experience and write them down in your diary or note book.

This experience is so fulfilling to you ant will motivate you even more on your path of self-discovery.

The other aspect is to continually reading through your notes, check progress and make some adjustments whenever necessary.

Just reading through your notes, envision all of your dreams and imagine the feeling of achieving those goals and experiencing everything that you want to achieve.

This daily reflection of your goals and dreams will propel you to give your best and grow into your best version every day.

Get Education for yourself

If you want to grow into a better version of yourself, self-education is inevitable. Keep learning and you will continue to improve towards becoming a better version of yourself just as you wish.

Nowadays there are hundreds of means and ways of educating yourself, even for free thanks to the advancement in technology and through internet.

Skills are being taught using online resources which allow you to learn skills to improve yourself in any area of your life. The choice is yours to go for what suits your test.

However, the zeal to get better can be there but it requires consistency, no matter what you want to get achieve, the key is consistency. You simply have to make sure to implement self-education into your daily routine.

Only if you continuously learn you can quickly transform into a better version of yourself.

Accept criticism

Accepting criticism and feedback is something most people struggle with. They don’t what to learn from their mistakes. You can only improve by getting other people’s views especially those that are better than you.

We simply don’t like realizing our own mistakes and tend to get discouraged if somebody makes us aware of those. Take a positive approach to criticism it doesn’t hurt and you shall learn a lot.

Every day you have the chance to get valuable feedback on your performance, your product or anything else. Beware of praise singers as they may delay your improvement.

Accepting criticism and feedback as a present instead of getting offended is an extremely powerful habit.

Next time you receive critical feedback, instead of being offended, try to figure out what the person really means. What precise improvements could you make? How can you improve in the most efficient way?

You want to become better so you need to find out what to improve on, receiving feedback is the best way to find out and keep improving. Keep close the people that provide feedback to your by way of criticizing you, you shall thank them later.

All these tiny changes and habits add up and lead to massive outcomes if you stick to them continuously and keep going.

So, take action today and you will be on your way to becoming the best version of you.

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